5 Home Remedies For Mental Fatigue That Are Proven To Work

Mental Fatigue mental fatigue remedies mental fatigue home remedies mental fatigue solutions brain fog reasons mental fatigue answersBrain Fog or more generically called Mental Hiccups or Mental Fatigue is a minor lapse in Brain function that nearly affects everyone at some point of time, or even a prolonged season in a person’s life. Forgetting where you put your car keys or where you parked your car at the mall are prime examples of Brain Fog that accompany the human experience.↓

→ While these annoying mental hiccups may cause temporary irritation and embarrassment, a constant stream of these events could signal a need to clear your brain of mental fatigue completely, or possibly an indicator of a much serious medical problem in the making like dementia.

→ Since prolonged Mental Fatigue can be an indication of a need for a Brain Tune Up and some Serious Mental Maintenance, there are 5 Powerful home remedies that can help with the issue and get you going into your full functioning self.

Magnesium Oilhome remedy for mental fatigue brin fog solution mental fatigue natural remedy magnesium oil for mental fatigue magnesium oil benefits for brain fog

→ Most people are low in Magnesium and getting a good high quality bottle of Magnesium oil from your local health food store, and rubbing a few dabs on the temples can and will relieve and alleviate a host of abnormalities and improve focus and relaxation within minutes. Carry a bottle in your car, purse, and use this on occasion to relax and be a more focused individual. I highly recommend this Magnesium oil which you can get at Amazon through this link:  ⇒ get a good quality magnesium oil through amazon here. ⇐

Eat More Fish!home remedy for mental fatigue natural food for mental fatigue brain fog natural remdy mental fatigue fighting foods

→ This is not so much a home remedy as it is a lifestyle change. Your Brain needs oil to function just as your car needs oil to lubricate all those running parts.  Fish is high in omega – 3 fatty acids – a type of oil found mostly in fish – that keeps your brain well lubricated and fit. Fish is also high in melatonin – a hormone made by the pineal gland found in the brain – that helps regulate your sleep and wake patterns. Eating fish even on the most mentally draining days will help you maintain clarity of thought, focus, and relaxation throughout the week. This is a superfood for your Brain. Eat lots of it!


mental fatigue home remedies brin fog home treatments solutions for mental fatigue → Certain smells can amount to certain sensations – one of which is calmness and rest. Lighting Fragrance Candles or even wearing your favorite perfume or cologne can improve dramatically your sense of well being and your clarity. You need to be relaxed to function properly. So take this aromatherapy a step further and turn off the T.V. and get some incense burning and let your mind rest as you absorb your favorite scent.

Eat Fiber Rich foodshome remedy for mental fatigue mental fatigue fighting foods foods that fight against mental fatigue

→ You simply need more fiber. Headaches are closely related to Brain fog and honestly speaking, are the result of caffeine withdrawals or constipation. More than likely, constipation and Irregular bowl movements are causing  you to crash land on the best of days because you are still dehydrated and foggy from yesterday’s dinner. Find your favorite food that is high in fiber and load up on it and eat it as much as you want. Most foods high in fiber are usually healthy, so no worries. My favorite food – high in fiber – is Okra and I eat it on a regular basis.

spirituality and mental fatigue spirituality as a way to fight brain fog spirituality and the brain spirituality and brain fog solutionsMaintain Your Spiritual Life

→ Carrying burdens you should not carry can be relieved by adapting a consistent spiritual life. You fill in the blanks. Spirituality does wonders for the brain just like the occasional aspirin. Mental Fatigue is often a physical manifestation of a buildup of worries and agitations that amount to consistent brain fog. A panic attack, for example, is really just Brain Fog so magnified that you become so emaciated with an issue that your whole body goes into mental shock. Spirituality gives you perspective just like a cold glass of lemonade on a summer day. ↓

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